We fight for what we think is right, no matter what the research says!

About Us

We envision a world where men and women who "choose" prostitution feel the shame and consequences of their choices. Founded first in a gentleman only club during the Apartheid era, it has now transformed to a broad based coalition (open to all races and genders). We are concerned:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Traditional, Faith and Psychic Healers
  • Homeopaths
  • Pastors
We are united together to resist the recognition of human rights for prostitutes. The evidence is in: decriminalization of sex work reduces HIV infection, provides higher levels of safety for prostitutes, and for society. However, we don't need evidence to know what we already believed. It's simple: Prostitution is bad. Bad things are against the law.

Oscar Diggs says no evidence

NEWS: We stand with our brothers Doctors For Life!

The 2016 International AIDS Conference, Durban, South Africa

Down with Prostitutes!

Evidence is not everything.

Today Doctors without Evidence stand with our brothers Doctors for Life in their fearless advocacy campaign against prostitution (or 'sex work' as counter-revolutionaries prefer to call it). We would like to commend their noble efforts in staging a protest action today at the 2016 International AIDS conference in Durban. Thirteen brave protesters and their employees stood fast outside the ICC demanding that prostitution must be ended and waving placards with slogans such as "See Nee vir Prostitiet" "Being used leaves the soul bruised" and "Hear my plea. Set them free".

Doctors for Life Fight Against quote Human Rights unquote

More than 80 prostitutes, misguided human rights 'advocates' and populist conference-goers staged a counter-march across the road. Their placards said "Sex work is Work", "No Bad Women. Only Bad Laws" and "Only Rights will stop the Wrongs". We are worried about this, and the many other statements coming from plenary-speakers, other influential people and activist groups like SWEAT, Sisonke and Asijiki at the conference demanding that the criminal law to be removed from prostitution, citing facts, studies, research, human rights law and other irrelevant details.

As Doctors without Evidence, we cannot keep silent any longer. We acknowledge that the conference has heard research that shows decriminalisation of prostitution will radically lower the transmission of HIV. Amnesty International, as well as respected medical organisations like the World Health Organization, UNAIDS and the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society have urged governments to decriminalise sex work.

We, however, are clear: We don't believe in sex worker human rights. We never have. We never will. Evidence is not an influence. Prostitutes have given up their rights, dignity and freedoms with their dirty work. They deserve punishment and scorn. We believe firmly that sex within the sanctity of marriage, with a member of the opposite sex and within the same race, class and nationality is right and good.

Don't be confused by research-obsessed scientists, prevention fanatics and data-driven policy-makers who cloud these truths. They are tools of Satan.

We say 'No More Evidence!' It is time to Right the Wrongs!

It's simple: Prostitution is bad. Bad things are against the law.
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